GRADES FINALS & 1st ROUND GROUP LEAGUE – Well done to Elodie, Mia, Eva & Georgia competing in Stoke on Saturday 4th June at the National Grades Finals & the first round of the group League. Elodie competed at Grade 4 – 8th in Free, 8th in Hoop and 8th overall.

Eva at Grade 5 – 4th in Free, 14th in Ball and 10th overall.
Mia at Grade 5 – 10th in Free, 6th in Ball and 8th overall.
Georgia at Grade 6  – Bronze with her Ball, 16th in Rope and 6th overall.

Elite Group League Round 1 – 4th overall and a great 2nd with their Free routine. Great art to the Group league.

As a medalist, Georgia has also qualified for the English Championships!

BATH OPEN CHAMPIONSHIPS – Congratulations to all the gymnasts who took part in the Bath Open on Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th June. We had individual gymnasts competing in all levels – including our two youngest Under 7s – Jess Leach and Kristiana Sayno.

Level 1

Hoop and Ball Set routines:

Gold award – Jess L and Amber
; Silver award – Kristiana, Artemis and Jessica H
olmes; Bronze – Maria Victoria

U8 Free – Jessica Holmes 6th

U10 Free – Amber 2nd and Artemis 6th

U12 Hoop – Athina 1st

Level 2

U10 Free – Lucy 1st

U12 – Jess Bettle 3rd with Hoop and 3rd overall; Adrianna 4th with Hoop; Zara 3rd with Ball

Level 3

Junior – Chloe 6th in Ribbon, 2nd with Ball and 3rd overall

Seniors – Marie 3rd with Clubs, 3rd in Hoop and 2nd overall; Megan 2nd with Clubs, 1st with Ball and 2nd overall; Summer 6th with clubs

Level 4

U10 – Mia 1st in Free, 2nd with Ball and 2nd overall; Eva 5th with Free, 3rd with Ball and 4th overall; Elodie 3rd with Free, 4th in Hoop and 6th overall

U12 – Georgia 3rd with Rope, 4th with Ball and 4th overall

Seniors – Eirini 6th in Hoop & Ball

Elite Espoirs Group – 2nd in Hoop, 4th in Free & 3rd overall

ENGLISH CHAMPIONSHIPS – as a medalist with her Ball routine at Grades Finals, Georgia qualified for the English Championships which took place last Sunday 25th June.  She performed a fabulous routine finishing 4th.  Well done Georgia!

GOOD LUCK to the our Elite Group (Mia, Eva, Lucy & Georgia) who will be competing at the British Championships in Liverpool 27 – 29th July!!

***A huge thank you to all who have helped with the competitions over this training year: volunteers for helping, judges for judging and coaches for coaching!!




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