GRADES FINALS & 1st ROUND GROUP LEAGUE – Well done to Elodie, Mia, Eva & Georgia competing in Stoke on Saturday 4th June at the National Grades Finals & the first round of the group League. Elodie competed at Grade 4 – 8th in Free, 8th in Hoop and 8th overall.

Eva at Grade 5 – 4th in Free, 14th in Ball and 10th overall.
Mia at Grade 5 – 10th in Free, 6th in Ball and 8th overall.
Georgia at Grade 6  – Bronze with her Ball, 16th in Rope and 6th overall.

Elite Group League Round 1 – 4th overall and a great 2nd with their Free routine. Great art to the Group league.

As a medalist, Georgia has also qualified for the English Championships!

BATH OPEN CHAMPIONSHIPS – Congratulations to all the gymnasts who took part in the Bath Open on Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th June. We had individual gymnasts competing in all levels – including our two youngest Under 7s – Jess Leach and Kristiana Sayno.

Level 1

Hoop and Ball Set routines:

Gold award – Jess L and Amber
; Silver award – Kristiana, Artemis and Jessica H
olmes; Bronze – Maria Victoria

U8 Free – Jessica Holmes 6th

U10 Free – Amber 2nd and Artemis 6th

U12 Hoop – Athina 1st

Level 2

U10 Free – Lucy 1st

U12 – Jess Bettle 3rd with Hoop and 3rd overall; Adrianna 4th with Hoop; Zara 3rd with Ball

Level 3

Junior – Chloe 6th in Ribbon, 2nd with Ball and 3rd overall

Seniors – Marie 3rd with Clubs, 3rd in Hoop and 2nd overall; Megan 2nd with Clubs, 1st with Ball and 2nd overall; Summer 6th with clubs

Level 4

U10 – Mia 1st in Free, 2nd with Ball and 2nd overall; Eva 5th with Free, 3rd with Ball and 4th overall; Elodie 3rd with Free, 4th in Hoop and 6th overall

U12 – Georgia 3rd with Rope, 4th with Ball and 4th overall

Seniors – Eirini 6th in Hoop & Ball

Elite Espoirs Group – 2nd in Hoop, 4th in Free & 3rd overall

ENGLISH CHAMPIONSHIPS – as a medalist with her Ball routine at Grades Finals, Georgia qualified for the English Championships which took place last Sunday 25th June.  She performed a fabulous routine finishing 4th.  Well done Georgia!

GOOD LUCK to the our Elite Group (Mia, Eva, Lucy & Georgia) who will be competing at the British Championships in Liverpool 27 – 29th July!!

***A huge thank you to all who have helped with the competitions over this training year: volunteers for helping, judges for judging and coaches for coaching!!





ALL Recreational classes (Thursday, Friday & Saturday) and the Saturday Advanced Recreational class have now finished training for the Summer.  As advised in previous emails & Facebook posts, if you pay by standing order, please CANCEL both JULY and AUGUST payments and re-start the standing order for the 1st September.

The Development and Competition groups will continue to train in July.  The training dates have now been sent out by Petra.  If you pay by standing order, please CANCEL the payment for both JULY and AUGUST and re-start the standing order for the 1st September.    The one-off July fees will be advised shortly.

Training will restart the week beginning MONDAY 4 SEPTEMBER – look out for separate emails & Facebook posts during the Summer break.