Training Fees & Kit

Training Fees

All members have to pay £5 club membership and £17 for BG insurance for the year.
Fees are payable monthly by standing order:

Recreational Programme Fees:

1 hour a week £21.50 per month
1.5 hour a week £30.50 per month

Pre-school Programme Fees:

Payment options
All monthly fees must be paid on 1st of every month by standing order.

1 hour a week £21.50 per month
Club shop

The following items can be purchased from our club shop:

      Royal Blue Leotard £25.00
      Black shorts £18.00
      Gym Bag/rucksack – with the club logo £19.00
      Ankle weights £15.00
      Elastics basic £6, for comp £12
      Club T-shirt (for children) £8.00
      Club hoodie (for children) £19.00
      Club trousers £28
      Gym Sack for equipment  £5.00
      Large gym bag with club logo £19
      Hoop (Various sizes) £6.00 – £10.00
      Nylon Rope £6.00
      Ball (Various sizes) £11.00
      Clubs for age 5-7 £10.00
      Clubs for age 7 and above £20.00
      Clubs bottle £3.50
      Ribbon with wand (Various colours) £13.00
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